• Sarah Smith

Look Good Feel Good…. Business edition. My TOP Biz Investments

My 2021 Goal for Port & Pine was to consciously switch to an abundance mindset and start investing in my business. These assets have made such a huge impact on my efficiency and profitability and I wanted to share some of the ways you can invest in your biz to build and grow.

Set up an invoicing and booking system.

I was holding out on investing in an invoicing system because I had my little process down and didn’t think it took me all that long to onboard a client but as soon as I set up my Honeybook account it was LIFECHANGING. This streamlined my contract, invoicing and discovery process questionnaire system so that I can spend more time creating and less time on the backend stuff.

Brand photography

Professional photography really elevates your business with product shots, process shots, mockups and headshots. Photographers have such a great eye for how to set up a shot and unless you have an iPhone 12 their cameras take WAY better quality photos that you can use throughout your website, social media and marketing material. Invest in a photographer whose aesthetic aligns with yours and you can’t lose!

Hire a financial guru

Spend your time and energy on the parts of your business that you love and if tracking your finances isn’t your thing – hire a pro. This is a luxury for many small businesses but if your finances are in order you open up mental space for more creativity.

Decorate your home office

Whether it is buying a great office chair or art that you love for your walls, invest in your office space. When your office is designed with feng shui in mind and in a way that makes you want to hang out in it – it is going to make you more productive & creative.

Join an online community

I have gotten so much value from joining my local chamber of commerce as well as an online group for creative female entrepreneurs (shoutout Work Like a Woman Community!) From meeting other local entrepreneurs, to bouncing ideas off of each other and getting biz advice – it is SO worth the membership fees to be a part of a community.

Build a brand identity

Take a look at your branding as a whole. Is it speaking to your target client or customer and does it reflect your mission and goals as a company? If your logo system, website or marketing material isn’t working for you and reaching your intended audience – reach out to a designer or marketing pro for a consultation.

I hope you found this helpful!