• Sarah Smith

4 Design Trends Coming out to PLAY Spring 2021

Just like middle parts and mom jeans - I am seeing these four graphic design styles EVERYWHERE right now. Here is a little info on these trends and how you can play around with them for your own brand:

Terrazzo – broken up, scattered pieces of color. This design trend originated in the interior design world and made its way into graphic design. If this is your thing it can be used as a background texture on your social media graphics or website to support your brand identity.

Multi-Color Gradients – Brightly colored gradients add a playful vibe and can support your branding if you’re into it. It can be a fun way to back up predominately text based social media posts like quotes and testimonials. I’d recommend playing around with this look if you are targeting an audience that is in the teens to early 30s. This look has major 90s trend vibes to me.

Warped Type – This is one trend I am digging right now. Whether you are using a custom typeface that has a warped look to it or warping your own type in Illustrator I think this is a fun way to enhance callouts or headlines on your marketing collateral or website.

Muted color palettes – People are forgoing bold bright color palettes for more muted tones that feel more organic and relaxed. Maybe this is a reflection of the relaxed clothing styles that are big right now or the fact that we are all stuck inside, and people gravitate toward colors that feel cozy.

Trends don’t always stick around more than a few months but I personally would vouch for muted color palettes and warped type all day long… at least for the moment.